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Why investing your experience in others is important!

There has been a lot of ethical discussion surrounding the idea of human cloning in the last twenty years. To me, it’s another indication of mankind’s insatiable need to be remembered. In ancient civilizations the city would have a record book that was referred to as...

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13 Things Creative People Don’t Do!

There I was sitting on my couch trying to figure out what I was going to write about.  Only problem, I was suffering from a huge deficiency in creativity.  So, I opened Feedly for something to read.  That’s when I saw an article on Amy Morin.  It was about how when...

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C.S.I. How to Improve Your Customer Service Initiative

Crime scene investigation. It is a detailed task. It takes a special kind of person to think in such minute ways mixed with intuition in order to corner and catch the unseen criminal. In our case a customer service issue is often like that unseen criminal that robs...

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