13 Things Creative People Don’t Do!

There I was sitting on my couch trying to figure out what I was going to write about.  Only problem, I was suffering from a huge deficiency in creativity.  So, I opened Feedly for something to read.  That’s when I saw an article on Amy Morin.  It was about how when she was struggling with some major life issue and was feeling mentally weak, her solution was to write the article 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.  There was my solution, taking inspiration from her and input from my very creative wife (thanks Joli); I decided to write this article about what creative people don’t do to help inspire my creativity in the future.

13.  Get stuck in the box

Creative people don’t live inside the box defined by others.  They seek out new opportunities for excitement and growth.  Otherwise you are just following the path someone else has already laid.

12.  Try and force it

They understand sometimes you hit a brick wall, but trying to break through it with your head just results in a headache.  Instead, they step back and assess the situation and let it flow into whatever it wants to becomes.

11.  Avoid mistakes

Creative people don’t try to avoid mistakes.  Part of the journey of letting it flow is learning to see the beauty in the flaws.  Many of our greatest creations were the results of accidents. There are even cultures that believe a mistake allows spirit to flow through the piece.

10.  Give up

I cannot think of an extremely creative person that was not passionate about what they were doing.  No matter what got in their way they were going to keep going, and going, and going, and going until they reached what they call success.  This does not mean they forced the situation, it just means they kept trying until they got what they felt was right.

9.  Work alone

Creativity seldom flourishes in isolation.  Most of the time it is the result of collaboration, and having like minds to bounce ideas.  Having that trusted group of people to give you feedback is priceless to challenge you to greater and greater achievements.

8.  See failure as a bad thing

They are not defined by those who tell them “You will only fail!”  Instead they counter with “I hope so, then I can be challenged to find out how to do it differently.”  Creativity is a sign of someone with a growth mindset. They don’t let failure define their limits, failures open new opportunities.

7.  Keep thoughts in their heads

Using your brain as a storage device only limits its ability for processing new ideas, and creatively minded people understand this best.  As an alternate path, they journal, write, draw, sketch the idea to get it out of their heads and on the path to becoming a reality.

6.  Avoid risks

13 Things Creative People Don’t Do!

Beautiful Example of Kintsukuroi from Lakeside Pottery

Creative people don’t shy away from risks.  They understand to break through the status norm is to challenge it and put themselves out there.  These people focus on the success of reaching their vision, and are open to the challenges that await them.  Just look at man’s desire to fly.

5.  Follow all the rules

I love it when I hear someone tell a very creative person “You can’t do that.”  It’s like telling a child not to eat the cookie that they already have in their hand.  This does not mean creative people don’t follow rules, they just know when to bend one or two in order to reach success.  Plus, if an egg gets cracked along the way; just find the beauty in the crack. The Japanese fill the crack with gold and call it kintsukuroi.

4.  Look for inspiration in the same place

Didn’t Einstein say the definition of insanity was trying to do the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.  The same thing can be said for trying to find inspiration.  Creative people know they have to get out and see different things.  If you find yourself stuck, get up and walk into the next room, take a hike outside, or go to the sea.

3.  Work straight through

Creative people usually understand they have physical limits.  While some extremist will turn to alternative solutions (like drugs) to keep going, they end up crashing…hard.  Enduring creativity is sustained by taking breaks, getting a good night’s sleep, and eating a healthy diet.

2.  Think they know everything

They accept the fact that they need to learn new things and ideas.  Only by learning new ways of doing things can you mold pieces of your whole knowledge into something new.

1.  Aim for perfection

Creative people don’t seek out to make something perfect.  Instead, they strive for seeing the finished reality of their vision.  Everything can always be improved upon later; for now, just enjoy the great thing you created. Finished is often better than perfect.

Thank you Amy Morin for the inspiration and technique.  While this article is meant as a tool for helping me be more creative, maybe it can help you as well.

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