How to Improve Your Customer Service Initiative

Crime scene investigation. It is a detailed task. It takes a special kind of person to think in such minute ways mixed with intuition in order to corner and catch the unseen criminal. In our case a customer service issue is often like that unseen criminal that robs our client’s satisfaction. Does that concept bother you?

In this discussion we have to get down to the ethic of customer service. This is where we really do discover if we “like to help people”. Do we? Usually to help someone is to help a person with a problem otherwise there is no need for help. Sounds simple. Is it?

We want to challenge you to think patiently, creatively, and positively towards your clients who are in need. Intensity is a word I use to describe how much time, effort, and focus we place upon customer service. The question that commonly comes up is: “Can we please everyone?” The answer is: “No”.

I don’t believe the issue is not to please, but to care. Empathy with objectivity. It’s not about us. Its about providing a satisfactory end to a difficult issue. You are a bridge between dissatisfaction and satisfaction. Make it easy for your client to cross.

Customer service isn’t all about reaction, its about initiative and response. For instance, I thought of a great way for the staff at my local gym to really distinguish their service over their competition. All they needed to do was circulate and know their clients. Ask them if they needed any spotting done or perhaps a refill in their water bottle.

customer-1253483_1920Take ownership over your business environment. A pro-active approach to customer service can minimize or even prevent undue stress when there really is a problem. Create the environment for a great experience for every customer.

A preventative strategy for customer service is to take the time to know how and apply proper methods and mechanisms whereby the client experiences real satisfaction before there is a problem.

When a problem does eventually and inevitably occur, remember that the final solutions for your client should be clear, beneficial in the situation for both parties, and tangible. Do something, don’t argue. It really isn’t personally about you so don’t react defensively. Take the time now to search for the clues. You will find the thief of your client’s satisfaction with a little care and effort!

Try This Assignment:

Design and conduct a short client satisfaction survey with no more than three focused questions. Pick at least 10 clients from the past year at random and make a brief connection with them personally. NO EMAIL CONTACT ALLOWED!

It must be completed in person by phone or personal visit. If their responses are positive DON’T FORGET TO ASK FOR A REFERRAL! Record your results and experiences in your journal.

James Burgess

This post written by
James P Burgess (The Tactical Expert)



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