Fees and Policies

Simple & Effective Coaching

At Small Business Done Right, we believe in keeping everything as simple and effective a possible.  This includes are pricing structure.  While each of our coaches operate independently, our coaching and pricing structures for SBDR clients are the same.

All SBDR coaches charge a simple $200 per month retainer fee for one session per month.


Why only one session per month?

Your time is precious.  At SBDR, during your session we will provide you with our highest quality coaching;  you may need at least a month to fully implement your coach’s recommendations.  Between sessions, if you need assistance just email us.

Why a monthly retainer fee versus a long-term contract?

You would not expect to pay a lawyer or accountant on a contractual basis; so why should your dedicated coach be any different?  Plus, this just keeps it simple.  Think of it like a month to month gym membership without a long-term commitment.

What if I can't make my scheduled meeting?

Notify your coach at least 24 hours in advance for rescheduling.  Failing to reschedule your session will result in loss of your time slot, and retainer fees are non-refundable.  We dedicate our time and energy to provide you the highest level of support to your success, and we simply ask for the same dedication from you.

When I have achieved success, how do I stop the monthly fee?

We want you to meet all of your goals and succeed.  It is understandable that at some point you will no longer require our services. Simply contact your coach at least 24 hours prior to the next monthly billing, and request your cancellation.  However, it is best to discuss this step during your monthly session prior so we can help you with the transition.

How do I pay my retainer fee?

All scheduling and payments are handled through your dedicated coach.  The coaching agreement is between you and your coach.  Small Business Done Right is the contact point to team you up with the appropriate coach.

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