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There has been a lot of ethical discussion surrounding the idea of human cloning in the last twenty years. To me, it’s another indication of mankind’s insatiable need to be remembered.

In ancient civilizations the city would have a record book that was referred to as “The Book Of Life”. This was a recording of all the citizens within that realm who were alive and in good standing. Those who had died or were imprisoned had their names erased from the book. It was considered an unthinkable thing to have your name stricken from this book, because it meant you were not even recognized as even being alive. A terrible concept to be forgotten.

There is hope. We all have gifts and talents. We have valuable thoughts, ideas, and wisdom that we have collected over our time here on earth. In this discussion we want to get you thinking about how to invest your experience and wisdom into the lives of others. Influence.

Like parents and teachers who have influenced us, we can be mentors to those who we work with and those whom work for us. Can you think of someone right now worth imparting and investing your experience in? This is a crucial value if you ever think of moving your life and profession to another level.   Whole societies, corporations and organizations have experienced great benefits through this concept!

Please think of the most positively powerful influences in your past life and how you have come to appreciate them.  Would you consider this, that someone could think the same of you? Wow! What a big concept that there may be people out there who have said:

“I want to be like you.”

It’s not about the egotistical duplication of our persona. It’s about passing awesome things to the next generation of leaders to help them discover greatness in their time. So many great leaders of our time have had significant mentors or influences before we knew of them.

I would encourage you to conduct your own research and you’ll not have to look far to discover this truth. It’s part of what makes us great as human beings. Can you to value this?

Perhaps you may be finding it hard to remember good influences. I can understand that. So, lets make this simple for you here and now. Let’s start right here.  Look at those around you, now. What do they have in them as people that you feel is worth receiving unto yourself? At the very least you can learn either what to be, or what not to be as a person.  It may be a small comfort, but at least we are starting in an attainable place to go higher.

Try This Assignment:

Describe in your journal a person in your life whom you feel has positively invested into your life or mentored you.  What did this experience mean for you and how has it shaped the way you see life today?  If you could spend time investing your experience and wisdom to another, what would that lesson be?

James Burgess

This post written by
James P Burgess (The Tactical Expert)




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